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FC-BGA Substrates

Experience Toppan America' s cutting-edge microfabrication and wiring technologies with our high-density wiring substrates featuring FC-BGA (flip chip ball grid array). Our proprietary techniques enable enhanced processing speed and functionality, meeting the ever-evolving demands of various industries. Discover the exceptional capabilities of FC-BGA technology and harness its potential to elevate the performance of your applications. 

Product Lineup

Our diverse product lineup features FC-BGA with various surface finishes, as well as multi-chip FC-BGA and other advanced solutions.



Multi-chip FC-BGA

Ultra-multilayer FC-BGA

Coreless FC-BGA

2.3/2.5D FC-BGA

From substrate design to production, we offer end-to-end support to meet the increasing demand for LSIs in high-end processors (server, AI, network) and automotive SoCs, as well as PCs and gaming devices. Solutions for lead-free and halogen-free products are also available.

Versatile Applications

Fine-pitch FC Bump

High-density Support


FC Bump

Pitch = 130µm

FC Bump

Pitch = 110µm

Hyper Build-Up, 5 stack VIA

Land / VIA = 85 / 60µm

Structure of VIA, 10 stack VIA

Land / VIA = 100 / 60µm

Low Copper Roughness Treatment


Higher Pin Account / Ultra Fine Wiring

Explore Toppan's FC-BGA hub for in-depth insights on our advanced technology.

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