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LC MAGIC employs Toppan's advanced liquid crystal display technology to seamlessly switch between transparent and opaque states, making it a cutting-edge solution for smart window privacy and light control.



White Film

Introducing LC MAGIC Light Control Film - a liquid crystal film that can switch between transparent and opaque states with a simple Power ON/OFF. Our smart window technology is perfect for a variety of spaces, including residential and commercial facilities, and can be used for privacy, projection, unique logo display, and more.

Normal State

Power ON: Transparent

Reverse State

Power ON: Opaque

By using our unique method of cutting conductive layer, LC MAGIC Zoned Film can control the light in individual zones across a single surface. This makes it ideal for providing zoning control for luxury windows or barriers.

LC MAGIC: Zoned Film

Opaque State

Transparent State

Logo Type

Choose the perfect tone for your space with our range of black films, available in original and high-contrast versions. We recently developed high-contrast black film to provide brighter or darker visuals depending on the level of opacity you choose.

LC MAGIC: Black Film

Black Film

Color Variation

Transmittances: 10%, 15%, 20%

Opaque State

Transparent State

LC MAGIC Light Control Glass | Black Film | Zoned Film

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