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On-Chip Color Filter

Add vivid color to your image sensors and compact display devices with the power of our on-chip filters. Our cutting-edge image colorizing technology is widely adopted in various applications, from smartphone and automotive cameras to security and medical devices, as well as immersive head-mounted displays.

Leading Color Filter Array Supplier

Toppan provides high-quality color filter arrays to image sensor manufacturers. With our cutting-edge color filter and semiconductor-related technologies, we provide highly reliable products to satisfy each customer’s needs.

Our development center is located in Tamana City, Kumamoto Prefecture, and our manufacturing centers are in Shanghai, China and Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Color Filter and Micro Lens

Discover vibrant color images with our Color Filter Array (CFA), a key component for CCD and CMOS image sensors and LCOS microdisplays.

Embrace enhanced light gathering power and improved sensitivity with our micro-lens array (MLA) technology, designed to complement our CFA's image sensor and optimize visual experience.

Micro-lens Arrays

The CFA is formed directly on each phototransistor, and atop the CFA is a Micro-Lens Array. These small lens elements perform two functions for the image sensor: enhancing light gathering power and increasing the device sensitivity.

Color Filter Arrays

CFAs are a mixture of tiny color filters placed over the individual pixels of an image sensor. Although the phototransistor generates an electric signal once it receives light, it does not produce any color image since it reacts only to light and dark. The color filter allows each pixel of the sensor to respond to a specific color. Toppan CFAs have a reputation for pristine color reproduction and high-quality fabrication. We offer red, green, and blue (RGB) CFAs or cyan, magenta, yellow and green (CMYG) CFAs.

Effect of Micro-lens Array
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