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Toppan in America

Since 1964, Toppan has recognized the growing significance of the American market and established a continuous and growing presence to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Today, Toppan America leverages its expertise in advanced materials to serve as a reliable supplier of high-quality products and innovative solutions for a wide range of industries from securities printing and advanced security technology to cutting-edge microfabrication technology.

As a multi-national company with a diverse product portfolio, Toppan takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously. With over 35,000 employees in 42 countries, good employment practice is paramount. Toppan prides itself on its past record and future strategies in all areas of corporate social responsibility.


Throughout its history, Toppan has promoted the development of society through a variety of activities, from providing excellent products and services to contributing to social and cultural causes. With expanding markets and ongoing globalization, Toppan has resolved to open new avenues of coexistence and "co-prosperity," actively addressing issues such as environmental protection and employment conditions from the overall perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Meet Our  Team

Curt Jackson

President & CEO

James Dauterive


Russell Cinque

Sales & Marketing

Tracia McDougal

HR Manager


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