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Metal Etched Materials

Toppan uses metal etching technology to selectively remove portions of metal, creating a variety of high-quality products beyond semiconductor packaging. Discover our precision manufacturing capabilities today.

Diverse Metal Etching Applications

Our versatile metal etching technology, spans a wide array of electronics components like IC card antennas, device internals, and exteriors, as well as elevating decorative items like metal bookmarks, calendars, and beyond.

  • Compared to stamping method, etching method applies less stress to the substrate. This results in its suitability for microfabrication. (No material deformation such as burrs, bend, or warp.)

  • Etching technology is applied not only for through hole processes, but also for half-etching processes.

  • Capable of various types of secondary processing, such as shape profiling (bending / cut-off) surface processing (mirror polishing / coloring / plating), bonding, and insert injection molding.

  • Non-conventional design products are welcomed since we have an internal design center.

  • Mass production is possible due to Roll-to-Roll Process production.

  • Delivery possible in either roll or sheet form.

Characteristics of Etching Products

Features of Toppan's Etching Line

Streamlining mass production with roll to roll etching equipment!
Apply resist to metal (coiled shape) and processed into the shape through the "exposure" → "development" → "etching" → "stripping film" process.

Photo Etching Process

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